2008 – Plain bearings for pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Aagade in Copenhagen

To record movements in this specially designed bicycle and pedestrian bridge, were used a bed that can record high rotation. Therefore the main task was to design a bearing between the arch, which was Ø610 and about 70 meters long and being able to take an angular rotation of up to 50 ‰. Selected was Cobalch/Monfort point rocker bearing in combination with a cupshaped bearing, capable of recording a load of 4500kN, as well as the desired angular rotation, each bed had a weight of about 800 kg. And for recording the movements of the bridge itself was also selected Cobalch/Monfort elastomer with teflon plate on top, which was in 3 pieces. at each end of the bridge.

Client: København Kommune
Contractor: Bladt Industries A/S
Engineer: Niras A/S​