2006 – Copenhagen Energy, pipe tunnel from Amager Power Station to Nørrebro

​Copenhagen Energy was working on the largest construction project ever. A 4 km long tunnel 25-40 meters underground from Amagerværket to Fredensgade in Nørrebro. L&H-Rørbyg A / S was starting to mount 3 sets of district heating pipes. It took place from the shafts at the Amager Værket and Fredensgade. The steel pipes were put on roller bearings, which Cobalch delivered and pushed further into the tunnel, as they were welded together.

These include district heating pipes of; 2 pcs. Ø700, 2 pcs. Ø400, 2 pcs. Ø500 and 1. Ø1000mm for steam, a total of 30 km steel pipes.
Cobalch delivered approximately 2000 pcs. roller bearings in size from 25 to 130kN.
The entire project was completed in 2010.

Client: København Energi
Contractor: L&H – Rørbyg A/S
Engineer: COWI A/S