Code of conduct

This is how we work

As a credible and responsible collaborating partner, we keep focus on ethical, social, and environmental issues.

Credibility and Reputation

Our profile is made up of our employees, which is expected to exhibit integrity, responsible behavior and actions as well as acting loyally towards business, customers and collaborating partners in all business activities.

We will always comply with applicable laws, rules, conventions, and relevant recommendations from international organizations. We expect that all employees comply with these rules and regulations and are aware of, that consequences of offenses may affect their employment relationship.

We exercise discretion and confidentiality when handling compromising material both internally as externally.

Human rights

We comply with internationally agreed conventions for humanitarian right and takes distance from forced- and child labor of any kind.

We require our suppliers and subcontractors to comply with the same conventions. Any business agreement will in violation of these conventions be ended.


We do not accept discrimination and abuse based on gender, nationality, race, skin color, culture, religion, handicap, age, sexual orientation etc. in connection with employment, educational rights, promotion, dismissal, or business activities.


We strive to procure as environmentally friendly, as economically feasible as possible to ensure sustainable development.

We ensure the conservation of resources and increase our competitiveness by minimizing the impact on the environment, and better resource management by reducing water and electricity consumption, limit emissions of harmful substances and particles, sort waste etc.

Work environment

We give high priority to the working environment and safety for the company´s employees. We do not compromise on the work environment to solve a task, and we ensure our employees a continuous development of their competences. The manager is responsible for the employees, but everyone is obliged to take responsibility and work together to create improvements and prevent injuries of any kind.

Business principles

We do not offer or accept gifts, invitations and the like of a size or character that may leave the customer or partner or ourselves with an inappropriate impression of the purpose, or that may otherwise affect business agreements.

Conflicts of interest

We do not use business opportunities or equipment that belong to partners to run independent business activities on behalf of our selves or the family.

We will constantly work on continuous improvements for all employees and reduce risks and dangers.

This code of conduct applies to all employees at Cobalch ApS.