Terms and condition

Terms and condition
Nordic Terms and Conditions NL17 are applicable for all orders and deliveries unless other terms appear in below mentioned or has been agreed between buyer and seller.

Any offer is valid in 30 days from date unless other is mentioned.
Rights to intermediate sales reserved.

All offered prices has been calculated with delivery “EX Warehouse” in our location in Kvistgaard. All prices are excl. VAT.
We maintain the rights for price regulations made from change of public taxes in time before delivery, incl. tariffs, changes in exchange rates +/- 2% and contractual increase of salaries.

Final agreement of delivery is not confirmed unless written confirmation is received, and only content of confirmation will be binding. The ordered goods cannot be canceled after the receipt of our written order confirmation.

Payment terms is NET 30 days unless other terms have been agreed.
By delayed payment default interest and fee will be calculated.
When payment in foreign currency (EUR) have been agreed, payment can be made in DKK or in EUR, calculated on valid exchange rate on the date of rightful payment.

Buyer will not be credited for packaging of returned goods.

Delivery date
Estimated time of delivery is calculated from the date of final information, as well technical as commercial, necessary for the final delivery.

Return of goods
Only standard goods can be returned and only by preceding agreement. Order-produced and custom-made products cannot be returned. All returns must be of no costs to  Cobalch. In case of credit, fee of deduct will be calculated (minimum 20%), as well as any costs of return taxes.

Product liability
If an item delivered by us causes damage, we are only liable if it can be documented that the damage is caused by a defect in the product or defect/negligence committed by the seller.
To cover any possible product liability proper insurance has been taken out.

Kvistgaard the 20.th April 2007